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Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen Gas Manifold

Nitrogen Gas Manifold

Oxygen Gas Manifold

Industrial gas is a group of gases that are commercially manufactured and sold for use in industrial processes, such as steelmaking, oil refining, medical applications, fertilizer, semiconductors, etc.,. They may be both organic and inorganic, are produced by extraction from the air by a process of separation or are produced by chemical synthesis, and will take various forms such as compressed, liquid or solid. As a Specialty & Industrial gases service provider, Shreeji Enterprises has an unbeatable ability to offer short lead delivery times, competitive pricing, volume flexibility and comprehensive facilities that make sure, consistency is guaranteed.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a Quality Industrial Gases suppliers that helps consumers and businesses achieve their goals. We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to continuous quality improvement, outstanding service, and commitment towards environment and society.

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